Monday, February 9, 2009

Another Award

I received this award from my friend Ret Please stop over and visit her wonderful blog. I am to pass this award on to 7 other bloggers. I visit so many wonderful blogs that I would like to share a couple from overseas

Akkina from Antwerpen, Belguim

Then back here we have:

I would also like to invite you to partake of this award!


Shirley said...

Congrats to you Cheryl!! Ret's blog is great too!

akkina said...

thanks you kind Cheryl, I have been very honoured these be allowed take award of you acceptance and am very proud.
I find that you make also complete beautiful creations, such as Parisian Breeze a lot find I elegantly.I hope that I have not written too many errors because I work with a translator
hugs Akkina

Rein said...

Try again, Thanks for the award!

Naomi said...

Thank You so much for passing this on to me! I love it! Will put it up ASAP! You are so generous.

Emily said...

Thanks so much Cheryl! Right back at 'cha! =)