Monday, April 30, 2012

I have been doing a few crafty things lately.  I love making the rosettes and made these for the April Lottery over at  I have also been making scrap book pages to add photos to later.  I'll show some of them later.

So I have not been very good at keeping my blog up.  I really need to do some updating.  Just thought I would add a couple of photos from our gardens.  The top one is the first Iris blooming in April in my front flower bed.  The bottom photo show some of produce we have been enjoying from the veggie garden.  White Radishes and Spring Onions, love the white radishes much better than the red.

I have been busy with trying to get somewhat organized in my kitchen.  Getting rid of things and making better use of what I have.  I need to get working on my crafting space as it is way out of control.  My crafting space is also my genealogy space and I have been trying to improve on that area.  I hope to start on more of that later this week.  

Have a great day.