Monday, November 24, 2008

My trees

The first tree is the one in our bedroom. This is my "snowman" tree! Now there are other things on it but it is mainly snowmen - I am building up my collection. I think it is a 6 foot tree and I have one of my Nativity scenes under it.
The second tree is our main one and it is in the family room. This is a 9 foot tree and I have all different types of ornaments on this. The main two themes are Santas and White House Ornaments which I have been collecting for many years. I have yet to put the train under the tree but it will be there soon. This is what I have been busy doing. I also have a tree in my bonus room and the front middle bedroom and I'll get those photos up later. Have a great day and I hope to get back to stamping before long.


Emily said...

Cheryl, your trees are beautiful!! I wish I had a tree in my bedroom! Love your curtains BTW.

Anonymous said...

WOW! What gorgeous trees!!! I haven't even started thinking about this....yet!! :)

Sharon said...

What gorgeous trees! Wow! You have been busy. I would be so proud if mine looked like that (when I decide to put it up.

Shirley said...

These are both just beautiful and lovely too! What a glorious way to celebrate all day.