Monday, November 17, 2008

Another busy weekend

I spent a good portion of yesterday morning trying to get my bulbs that I had ordered in the spring into the ground. I had ordered 100 daffodils from Brent & Beckys bulbs and they arrived the other day. I must say that I got over half of them in and plan on getting the rest done later this morning after my walk. My knees were killing me last night so I don't know whether I can get them all in today or not. It has really gotten cold so they do need to be in the ground. I have to get my walk in first.

I also have to get to the Post Office today and get my tags mailed off for the swap that I'm in. Might possibly hit Archivers, just depends.

I hope to have something new up later today. It might just be another recipe though. Have a great day all.

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