Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nothing today

Just wanted to drop in and say hello. I hope to get back to stamping and scrapping really soon. I am just very engrossed in doing my genealogy and since I only have a 3 month period to get my information I'm cramming.

I also want to mention that my ATC rejects are only rejects because I was trying for various background for the swap I'm in. I came up with one I really liked so I just finished off the ones that I put up yesterday. My swaps are for 3 different stages, I had to do 4 ATC backgrounds only for my first group. The second group that I will be receiving will already have the background and I will have to add the next layer and then send it on to the person who will add the embellishment. I am in three groups so I will be doing all three layers. I am very anxious to see how these turn out. I have never done a swap like this. I'll post them all when finished.

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