Friday, October 31, 2008


I am sure you can tell that this is NOT one of my favorite holidays. I put out very few decorations, do have tons of candy to give out to the little ones. It's just I have never been one to do any more for this day.

Now Christmas is a whole nother story! I will be starting to decorate really soon because I put up so many trees and then have to start my baking. I might share some favorite cookie recipes in another week or so along with some pictures of my decorating. I will have a house full over the holidays and really enjoy it even though I'm exhausted by the time it is over. January just seems to be such a let down.

I am working on a couple of items and hope to have something to show you a little later today.


Sherri said...

Oh Cheryl I'm with you. Halloween is not my favorite at all. But, I do the candy thing for the kids.
However, bring on christmas. I go all out. I LOVE christmas decorations. I'm not into baking at all. Heck I'd burn anything I'd bake. But, I am looking forward to your recipies that your willing to share.
Have a great day my friend.

Naomi said...

I agree. It's not my favorite holiday either, and I barely paid it mind (aside from dressing up at the office) before I had my kids. Now, it's a big deal for them, so I do it. Still not a favorite of mine. Much prefer Christmas!