Friday, August 14, 2009

My new Cabinet

I am so very happy with the new storage that hubby made me for my craft room that I have to share a photo of it already full. I complained to him that I didn't have a place to store all my scrapbooks and he said he would make it for me. Now, half of those books will be going to the grands in the very near future as soon as I make tags for the outside of them. The second photo shows one of the two colors I am using to paint my room. Taken with Teal, yup, that is the first color of choice. Now I will only be doing one other wall in this color and then I have picked a much lighter version for the other two walls. When I will finish with painting them is another story as that means moving everything! I think it will be one wall at a time. You notice those lovely roses on the side of the cabinet? How cool are they. Yes they are Manhattan Flower from Stampin' Up! and I still have one left to go on one of my walls. I think it will be going right over where my computer is when that wall has been painted. Don't look for that until much later this year or early next year. There is just too much going on now. So what do you think of it?


Naomi said...

I LOVE the paint!!! What a beautiful color for your wall! Your DH did a great job on this cabinet, it turned out great, looks very professional! I wish I had a craft room, I have so many storage ideas! Love the Manhattan Flowers on the side!

sandra said...

Congrats to your hubby!
He made great job!
I love blue!
And the flowers are amazing!
I know that you will enjoy in you craft room!

Renée said...

Wow, what an awesome shelf! Your hubby did a fabulous job!!

Shirley said...

Great colors!

Cheryl said...

Oh WOW,this is fabulous....we can always use more cupboard

Nicki said...

WOW it looks amazing and that flower oh my word.. its totally gorgeous! id have them all over my walls! its absolutely gorgeous! love your new shelving too! wish i had bigger room! maybe i have too much stuff??? lol
take care hun

natacha said...

wow it looks amazing
i love the colors
natacha xx

Beth said...

Okay GF got to get down there and see your redo of your craft room love that you are using taken with teal I love that color and Joe did a awesome job on your cabinet tell him I said 2 thumbs up

Beth Norman said...

Your room is going to look so pretty. I love the colour so much--for me the brighter the better. Your husband did an outstanding job with the shelving unit.

Dawn said...

Oooh what a talented hubby you have - it looks fantastic..