Saturday, November 21, 2009

Computer dead!

My computer is dead for now. I have to use my husbands laptop and can't add any artwork here. I hope to be able to get back soon but don't know how long it will take to hopefully get it repaired.


Anonymous said...

Well that stinks! Hope you get your computer back soon!! :) Have a great Thanks giving if I don't see you before then!! HUGS

Kathy McDowell said...

I'm sorry! I hate when there are computer issues! Hope it feels better real soon! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Renée said...

oh I hope you can get it fixed quickly! It's not fun to have computer problems :(

Shirley said...

Gad! That's not good. I hope they fix it lickety split!

akkina van steen said...

hello Cheryl
yes i receive it your male today and i'am now wrything my letter to you
Hope you get your computer back soon
thanks so much
hugs Akkina xxx