Sunday, June 7, 2009

More yard photos

This fellow was in our yard early this morning and anticipated eating my plants......I was able to get very close to him and all he did was look at me. I tried shooing him away and finally he sauntered off. This is the first time in the 3 years we have lived here that I have seen a deer in the yard. He is looking for trouble if he tries to come back and eat my plants! I don't know if you can see or not but in the top picture the neighbors dog was out in their front yard and it didn't bother this fellow.
Now this first daylily is 'Northern Nocturn' and I got it last year and this is the first bloom off it. I'm sure the other blooms will be nicer but it is rather pretty.

The bottom flower is 'Charles Johnston' I got it last year also and he should bloom most of the summer. It is really much prettier than the photo.


Shirley said...

They are all gorgeous and so is the deer. It is so sad how we are shoving them out of property, but what'a a body to do. I have a deer trail in the trees behind my house.

Cheryl Joshua said...

Beautiful photos,how innocent does that deer look and gorgeous flowers!!!

Beth said...

That deer is adorable and you did a wonderful job of capturing that shot of him but oh the damage they can do love your lilies Cheryl I still only have the one blooming can't wait for more.

Emily said...

Beautiful pictures! Your flowers look great! We get deer in our yard sometimes, but we live in the country with tons of woods.

sandra said...

Your flowers are beautiful!
And reading about deer make me laugh!
Don't know what would I do,but I'm shore that I would be mad if someone start to eat my plants!
My kid said, mum is this bamby?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!! Wish i had a yard like that....maybe some day!! SIGH!

Sharon said...

Aww the deer is gorgeous as are the flowers. All we see here in my backyard is kangaroos and koalas.