Monday, June 16, 2008


I have a very dear friend who is a fellow paper artist and scrapbooker/card maker extraordinaire who is getting married this year. This lady is a friend of a friend.
She and her fiance have been nominated to participate in a dream wedding promotion via one of our local tv stations.I would be very grateful if as many of you as possible could vote for her as many times as possible so that she and her knight in shining armor can have a special wedding.Here is the link:

Her name is Norma Anne Chattin and she is such a lovely lady. You will find where to vote if you scroll down the page towards the bottom. If you can post on your blog or pass around I would really appreciate it.

Thank you so very much


Norma Anne Chattin, The Artful Tourist said...

Oh Cheryl, THank you so much for the post. I am truly honored by your kind and generous support. We're steady voting until the 20th and you can bet there will be some scrapbook pages going up on my blog when it happens! HUGS--Norma Anne

Susan said...

Wow! I see where they won - great for them!!