Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Feeling somewhat better

Joe and I had a trip to Florida for a business convention of his. We went to Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. I may try and upload a few pictures from the resort. My big problem is that I came home with a terrible cold and ended up going to the doctor last Friday. I also have a ear infection so our plans to head to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving ended. Yesterday was the first time I felt like doing anything at all and it wasn't much. I have had a terrible cough and almost no sleep since this started. I can't sleep in bed so I have been out on the recliner every night and that is getting really old. Since I am feeling a little better I might try getting back in our bed tonight. The doctor gave me three prescriptions to take and I have only been taking two of them. The one I am not taking I tried the first night and I never slept a wink and coughed even more. Cough syrup, not naming the brand, with codeine is not for me. I have been also using some old tried and true favorites - salt water for the throat and honey and lemon juice. Since we are not going away for Thanksgiving and I certainly don't feel like doing a turkey I had Joe go and order us one of those fully cooked ones for dinner. He will pick it up early Thursday morning. I am trying my best to get back to eating but there is not much that I feel like eating. Soup and oatmeal are about the only things I have been eating. I don't even drink much coffee and for me that is unusual. I don't even like to smell the coffee now.

I really did not have time to get sick. I have the house to decorate, gifts to be made and baking to start. I have decided that I am not going to bake near as much as I usually do. I have a few cookie favorites that I will do and maybe make some Cranberry Bread, Pound Cake and Fudge. I'll add a couple of favorite recipes soon.

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Beth said...

Oh boy Cheryl sounds like you were hit bad with that nasty bug glad you are feeling a little better I had been thinking about you the last couple of days wondering how you were, take care my friend and don't over do.